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Drone cinematographer and expert Maxwell Tubman at SMPTE New England Section's November meeting in Foxboro, MA.

At the Thursday, November 3, 2016 meeting...
Drones for Television and Motion Picture Applications
with Cinematographer Maxwell Tubman

We can't thank Maxell Tubman enough for the amazing demonstration and class on drone operation for cinematography he gave us on Thursday, November 3. A special thanks to all those who tramped out to Foxboro Cable, which is where we held the meeting so we wouldn't have to deal with possible "no fly zone" issues. Those who made the trip out to Foxboro were amply rewarded. Maxell's presentation was everything we could have hoped for.

Small aerial drone with 4K video camera.

Noted aerial drone cinematographer Maxwell Tubman demonstrates the fine points of safe and legal drone operation at SMPTE New England's November meeting at Foxboro Cable near Boston.

Drone takes off into cloudy skies at SMPTE New England Sections November meeting in Foxboro, MA.

Aerial drone cinematographer Maxwell Tubman describes the major components that make up a drone equipped for aerial cinematography. Tubman had plied his craft all over the world and has found himself in tremendous demand.

A larger aerial drone is called for when heavier cameras and lenses are called for.

Ready for takeoff: SMPTE members see practical demonstration of video equipped aerial drone at SMPTE New England Section's November meeting at Foxboro Cable.

Photo Credits: Martin P. Feldman, Chairman, SMPTE New England Section.

Marty Feldman
Chair, SMPTE New England Section

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Updated: 7 November, 2016
Bob Lamm, SMPTE/New England Newsletter/Web Page Editor